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TP series

     TP series current sensing power module (2W) is the latest generation products which developed jointly by our company, Shanghai Electric Apparatus Research Institute and Shanghai Jiaotong University. It is suitable for low starting primary current, small power load application, and can adopt standard multi card rails, screw fixed, circuit board welding and many installations. It is equipped with the design of high current protection, can resist strong impact of short-time withstand current from the power grid, and ensure safe and reliable work under severe conditions. Using automatic frequency isolation DC/DC transform with low loss, the output voltage is stable and high accuracy. It can warn users remotely when primary current is lacking. The energy storage capacitor charging uses lossless limited current circuit. Compared with the routine resistance current limiting, 2W’s charging efficiency is higher, faster, and achieved the automatic management of the energy storage capacitor; the product is suitable for ring network cabinet, overhead power lines, cable tunnel and other small power load applications.

Technical parameters

stabilized voltage precision 1%
output ripple 5‰> 
power conversion efficiency >90%
working temperature -40℃~+70℃
protection grade IP65
module weight 0.2kg
module size(W×L×H) 90×50×30

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      TP series power modules can be used in many occasions. Our company provide whole set of hardware, software and customized services for domestic and foreign customers. We will adhere to professional, dedicated attitude, and spare no effort to excavate deeper in current detection field, unremittingly assist users to realize the value-added of products and solutions.

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