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Power quality analyze

Application to power quality analysis——Three phase intelligent power meter

1. Summary
      The ME432 series meter is intelligent three phase ampere meter, voltmeter and power meter. They provide the measurement of I, U, rms, active, reactive and apparent powers, power factor, total(fundamental and harmonic) active and apparent energy, THD, and harmonic distortion of all harmonics within 2.8 kHz(56 harmonics) pass band on all
phases. DSP and 24 bits ADC are stored inside. ME432 three-phase power meter have many function, for example three current, voltage, power, harmonic meter, etc. Adopting AC sampling technology, can measure the three-phase current, voltage, power and harmonics of electrical meters directly. It not only can be used for local display, also can be connected with the industrial control equipment.

2.Functions and features
(1)Convenient installation
>Both sides are equipped with two removable installation card,without using any external tools that can be flexible operation,convenient installation and modification of the scene.
>Instrument thickness is only 100mm,save the space in the cabinet.
>When the phase voltage is below 431V, it can be connected directly without extra voltage transformer etc.
(2)Remote information and control
>The instrument with four digital inputs by itself. And control changes of interface parameters.
>Relay outputs, the coil can be connected directly to the circuit breaker, to realize the remote control function.(If you need to relay function. Please explain the demand to the manufacturers).
(3)International standard
>Power precision grade 0.5, consistent with the IEC 62053-22 that international electric metering accuracy requirements.
>The instruments meet the standard full performance of the IEC61557-12(IEC 61557-11 PMD/S/K70/0.5).
(4)Power quality analysis
>The total harmonic distortion rate of measurement system HD, can analysis the pollution situation effectively.
(5)The ordering and selection of products

3. Technical parameters

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