> Application of rogowski coil photo
> Lightning test
> Grid power taking
> Wind power generation
> Electroplating
> Frequency conversion, Servo
> cloud measurement
> Power quality analyze
> Harmonic management
> Relay protection
> Electric vehicle
> Precision current measurement
> Electric furnace
> Industrial meter
> Power monitoring
Frequency conversion, Servo

      Frequency conversion means regulating load by changing power-up frequency, in order to reduce power consumption and loss, prolongs the service life of the equipment.
      Servo is an automatic control system that output control volume such as position, direction, condition can change with the input target. Its main task is following the control command to magnify, transform and regulate power, and making the control of driving device output torque, speed, position become very convenient and flexible.
      Rogowski coil is vital in the application of frequency conversion, servo.

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