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Company Profile
    Shanghai PINYAN M&C Technology Co., Ltd.is located in the International Incubator Center in Caohejing High-tech park of Shanghai, specializing in the production and development of current sensor and its related meter. Over  years, the company has cooperated with many domestic leading research institutions,international university, and has successfully developed Rogowski coil with self-sufficiency just property rights. 
    Our main products include flexible Rogowski coil, rigid Rogowski coil, split core current sensor, handheld integrator, DIN rail integrator, intelligent power meter, wireless power analyzer, power taking module, arc fault protector and so on. 
    Over 10 years, PINYAN has have rich experience in electric furnace, power analyze, lightning test, pulse current test, power meter, power monitoring, electric vehicles, relay protection, precise current measurement, harmonic tests, wind power generation, weld, electroplating, frequency conversion, leakage protection, etc. 
    With a professional and dedicated attitude, we will spare no effort in the further development in current detection field, provide customers with excellent products and services, and lead a new direction in the development of our industry.
    We cooperated with many famous brand like Siemens,3M,and so on.

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